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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Ahhh I see. So it still does the job. Just hassle trying to smoke it anything but a pipe. I need to get me a pipe. Not one of those crappy little ones that end up stinking. I mean like a giant wooden one. With a great big bowl. That was how I first ever had a smoke. I was 16, and my friends had some Jack Herer, they piled aload into a big bowl at the end of this enormous pipe and I took it like a man, until that is i coughed my guts up for half an hour then 'whiteyed' out all over the place. Felt high for hours after that. Oh how I long for that feeling again.
I got a little glass pipe that has orange and blue designs in it. It cleans pretty easy just by using hot water from the sink. I always heard boiling it works great but to me it's just easier to get the sink hot and run it through. Works great. However I rarely use it these days. But now that the weather is better I'll probably take outside a little more.
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