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Originally Posted by Truuuax
Jason McDonald and Anderson Silva were his two only "good opponents" that he faught. In both those fights he got completely owned in the first round. Beating Edwin Dewees and Patrick Cote don't really impress me. Or beating any of his castmates that he trained with for 2 months straight, that doesn't impress me either.

man you dont know what your talking about.

first off his fight with mcdoanld went two rounds about and mcdonald subbed him at the end of the second,leben was dominating the entire fight up to that point,on the feet brutally and even on the ground he was getting the superior positions and even passing jasons guard.

secondly he never beat any of the cast mates he fought, he never fought any of them in the ufc even exept thacker who he murdered.

submititing edwin dewees can telly ou he isnt a bum ont eh ground, edwin isnt very good but he ground game is average in the mw div easily and his strongest point by far.
beating cote yeah notthat impressive but he also beat cote at what cote does best,he outbanged him.
cote can bang forsure, he's no sluch ont he feet.

the only fight ever where lebens actually got owned was against silva

and he has interesting wins over good fighters.

he kncoked out rivera who is an exellent striker, he out banged cote who is a very good striker, he fought to a very close decision with joe doerkson, he did way more damage in that fight and should have won but two failed sub attemps by doerkson won him the decision i guess.

doerkson is a guy who gave nate the "the great" marquart and extremenly extremely tough fight.

he dominated luigi fiorvanti easily on the feet and on the ground who is a decent striker and a bjj black belt.

knocked out santiago and went to the ground with him numerous times and he is a bjj black belt and a good striker.

yeah leben has yet to beat a A levelfighterbut starnes sint an A level fighter.

lebens has a good ground game, great td defence and heavy heavy ahnds...oh and a truckload of heart.

starnes is gonna have problems.
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