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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I have a question, Cowgirl. First let me preface it. I have not spent a significant amount of time around transgendered people of any persuasion - barring one transgendered man/woman (I'm really not sure which direction they were heading or on which side they started) who seemed to hate me simply because I was straight and had no sexual identity issues. I don't really hold that case as educational. But I have since my crippling managed to gain a bachelor's in Psychology for Forensic Human Behavior Studies. Which, admittedly, is mostly body language, syntax, and psychobabble but it has left me a question after reading up on transgender issues.

Most transpeople say that they never felt male or female. What exactly do they mean by that? I've never woken up and felt male. I just feel like me. Which is usually achey and more than a little angry about something but my sex doesn't really feel like a palpable presence in my mind.

And if you don't want to answer in open forum feel free to pm me or even just to tell me to ****er off if you don't want to try explaining. I'm cool either way.
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