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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I am aware of the actual conditions (gender dysphoria and GID) involved and the technical definitions. The problem is that those are very clinical. They are a set of symptoms coupled with vague reasoning as to why. It doesn't help me to understand.

Specifically the bolded part is what confuses me. To my way of thinking - which admittedly is only vaguely close to what most people would consider sane on the best of days - this is the same as waking up and hating the fact that you have arms. I do understand hating aspects of your body as I have a rather rare genetic condition that contributed to my crippling but I can't quite wrap my head around hating your sexual identity.

In my development I have never undergone sexual confusion or a sense of gender dysphoria. I had other issues. Mostly anger related. So this line of thought is just alien to me and I'm trying hard to fully understand. Hopefully I am doing so in a respectful manner. I'll be honest. Tact is not my strong suit.
A part of me knew while I was writing that, that it probably wouldn't be sufficient as an explanation. I guess that's what I get for trying to answer while still not all there Now I'll try to answer better.

It's not really like hating your arms, or any particular part of your body, it's much more than that. Honestly, for me to sit here and try to explain it, I probably wouldn't be able to do it justice. Yes, I've gone through it and experienced it first hand, but it's so hard to accurately explain. I definitely am not a wiz at the science of it all. The reason it's different than hating your arms or your legs or anything like that is because it's literally the body itself, every masculine thing about it drove me nuts. I'm sorry dead, if you were looking for a scientific explanation, I'm unable to deliver that at this time. Maybe I'll make that my next blog post though.

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