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Fighters you have/had a lot of hope for

I was thinking about how within the last year and the year to come there have been/are fighters entering the UFC with a lot of hype behind them, or are/were on a dominant streak but got beat in a disappointing way. So my question to MMAF, do you have any fighters that you had a lot of hope for and have lost in this way? Similarly, are there upcoming fighters who you think are going to be derailed?

A couple for me:

Welterweight: Carlos Condit - I didn't expect him to beat GSP, but when he performed arguably the best someone has against GSP, he became one of my favorite WW's. His loss to Hendricks was unexpected, I thought Hendricks was going to get slapped down and derailed, but instead I was proven wrong about Condit. Now Condit doesn't seem like someone who will be able to take the WW title.

Heavyweight: JDS - This is more of a predictive choice for me. His loss to Cain was such a dominating one that I don't actually believe he's capable of beating Cain in the future. Cain brings a skill set similar to GSP does at WW, where it's hard to attack him without exposing yourself to the TD, or at least the threat of it. I'm excited to see the first match after his loss, but I don't think JDS will hold the HW title as long as Cain is motivated.
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