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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Sure, 17 title fights,
of which how many were earned and how many were because he was the right guy in the right place.
5 times champion,
anyone can be champion (c serra/forrest griffin) especially given the opportunities he was given.Its the amount of defenses and length of reign that determines a true champion.
hall of fame,
like i said he is/was a symbol to many not going to dispute that.But if he never returned back to the ufc to finish his contract do u think he makes the HoF? of course not because the ufc HoF is a glorified "Thank u Mr employee of X amount of years and goodbye" gesture.Nothing more..I am sure when its all said and done griffin/bonnar will be HoFers too, so what does it really mean? ufc
fighting this best guys in the world at 46 years old.
what u mean machida? yeah a loss to him would be more forgiving than say a matt hamill.And thats my point here is a guy that had a sorry record for a "legend" at that.But then the retort is "well he fought a whose who" .If he is the best thing since slice bread how come he mostly drew the short straw in these big fights?

Wake up and read between the lines.He fought "names" because it was a no lose situation.If he beat em its "randy just beat a top 10 fighter, good ole cap does it again".When he loses its "well he is top 10 fighter and younger, cap did his best but cant beat father time".So no matter the scenario he comes out smelling of roses.You honestly think he wasnt offered no names? course he was but he refused out of fear of losing to someone unproven.A risk any mma fighter worth their salt takes

Go back and watch the first fight against chuck and tell me again he is overrated.
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