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I mentioned this in their official fight thread... but I don't think Gonzaga has a case here.

I completely disagree; there were a total of 6 elbows thrown. The first two were very obviously on his left ear.

The third elbow started dropping him and it was located above the ear (but not in the 'mowhawk section'. The 4th elbow completely put him out. If you watch the gifs, Gonzaga slumped over causing the angle of his head to change, causing an off angle attack.

For elbows 5-6, Browne readjusted his angle and the contacted they right ear.

The only questionable elbow is the 4th one... which I can easily attribute to Gonzaga's head angle suddenly changing. Browne immediately corrected the angle for his last 2 elbows.
Very similar surrounding to the ending of Anderson vs Sonnen II. Huge uproar from people screaming illegal strike. I just don't see much merit in it.
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