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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
Finally finished Bioshock Infinite. I was completely apathetic about the game for the majority of it. I didn't think it was good, didn't think it was bad. Just felt like nothing was happening. Then the ending came along. I thought the whole ending sequence was really good but the actual ending itself disappointed me. I was expecting something really mind**** worthy from what everyone was saying, but then I got THAT.

Hopefully the DLC makes it better.
The combat itself is average at best, Elizabeth is an interesting character, but the whole "female girl companion" has already been done in other games and done better IMO. The story is basically non-existent until the end and though it's good, I've seen that style of twist a million times in different games/movies.

Also, the idea of basically 40 minutes of story at the start, 8 hours of no/little story, then 20 minutes of heavy story at the end is simply awful pacing. I literally felt bored at points in the game because the combat just isn't that good and with no story keeping me interested, I wondered why I was still playing. In fact, I didn't even beat the game, I got up untl the last fight on the airship (had no clue it was the last fight at the time), died twice and I was so tired and bored of the actual gameplay that I stopped and Googled the ending, so technically I never even beat the game although in hindsight had I known that was the very last fight in the game, I would have pushed through and beat it.

I mean it's not a bad game and if a person still doens't get bored out of their mind playing average FPS gameplay then it might even be good, just extremely overrated and I think it's because the Bioshock label is slapped across the cover, I've been guilty of doing that for certain series myself.
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