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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Link me to the official metroid wii u page if you got it i have heard nothing about anything being developed although i would rather it go back to 2d like super metroid or the others. ZombieU is pretty boring, Yarn yoshi could be good but I don't know.

I would rather some megaman games for the wii u but that franchise is probably gone for good unfortunately. The link to the past thing is a bit of a game gimmick because it hasn't been used and probably won't be used in other games like the paper mario franchise or the 2d sidescroller parts of the game boy zelda games.
There's no link for the Metroid game yet, more than likely it will be officially announced at E3. How far have you gotten in ZombiU until you found it boring?

How is adding something to the game that hasn't been used be a gimmick? Every Zelda has something new added that makes it interesting, in fact games that don't add new things get boring really fast, look at every rehashed FPS like Boringfield 4.

I agree on Megaman, it sucks but yeah, Capcom pretty much gave up on that series, although that would suit a handheld like 3DS better than a full console.
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