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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Hair pulling, biting, fingers to the eyes, headbutts. Then you have whatever elements are around you that could restrict movement depending on where exactly the fight took place. Even just the middle of the street is a unique factor. I wonder how Ronda would react if she got her nose broke with a headbutt while performing an armbar? Street fights are just sloppy in general. Even when trained fighters go at it, it's usually pretty sloppy.
The fact that anything goes doesn't give the untrained individual an advantage. In fact any additional tools gives the person with more training the advantage. Concrete floor? Good thing I know how to get a double leg and slam. Also I know how to defend takedowns so it's entirely to my benefit. Headbutt while performing an armbar? Pretty sure the thigh restricts that. And for the most part. biting and hair pulling ain't gonna do much when adrenaline is pumping.

The only advantage for the untrained combatant would be a weapon.

Edit: I think Rousey would beat most men who are untrained and a decent percentage of men with less than 1 years training. and probably little to no men with a decent all around game.

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