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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Hair pulling, biting, fingers to the eyes, headbutts. Then you have whatever elements are around you that could restrict movement depending on where exactly the fight took place. Even just the middle of the street is a unique factor. I wonder how Ronda would react if she got her nose broke with a headbutt while performing an armbar? Street fights are just sloppy in general. Even when trained fighters go at it, it's usually pretty sloppy.
I don't see how any of that would inhibit her from completely an armbar and eventually a broken arm?

Ok so she grabs the guy and quickly tosses him over he him and straight into in armbar. How will he pull her hair? How does he headbutt her? Is biting or scratching really going to make her stop? When the sub is in tight, the guy isn't going to be able to do much. And with a broken arm he isn't going to do much.

I don't see how hair pulling or biting is going to stop Ronda's lightening quick armbar?
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