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Originally Posted by Machoman View Post
This is a question for people who legit train mma, could a top level female mma fighter beat up an untrained 25year old man who was in good shape? I know it depends on the guy, but lets just say on average.
My Tai Chi instructor is 65 years old and 5'4" tall. I'm 5'11, 250 lb. If I don't hit her clean with the first shot, I'm on the ground vomiting.

You specified an untrained man vs a professional female mma fighter. How fast do you think Cat Zingano's knees meet that guy's head?

And a street fight? With a professional fighter?

He comes in swinging wild, gets hit in a pressure point (throat, liver, solar plexus) and it's over.

Specify a trained 25 year old amateur man vs a pro female, and it might be a fight. Not in the street, but in the gym.

Untrained guy has ONE chance. Hit the pro before she realizes she's in a fight. Untrained guy thinks this is beating up his girlfirend. Professional female fighters TRAIN against guys. It's not new to them.
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