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Originally Posted by Machoman View Post
I think chuck in his prime was better than Tito in his prime, I just think that hat particular loss was the end of titos prime. He was never he same after.

To give you another example, chuck had a much better career than rampage ith UFC, still got beat twic and losing his belt was the beginning of the end.

And you just can't bring people from other weight classes and promotions into this as Tito hd no control over those things.

People love to the Tito, but he was the longest reigning lhw champ ever an is a sure fire hall of famer.

Anyone who thins otherwise is. A Hall of Lamer
First part, I agree that Tito is beloved, the UFC did a great job building stars. Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and BJ Penn have huge fan bases. Now a big reason for that is hype, and business, and building guys up and promoting them.

But when you look at Tito's career objectively their are certain things that you simply can not argue. First and foremost he was a UFC champion who didn't beat the previous champion. You may not respect Quinton Jackson and Forrest Griffin but they defeated the LHW champion to win those titles. They weren't hand picked to fight another hand picked guy to be a champion to quote a famous wrestling be the man you must beat the man.

You bring up "guys from other weight classes", lets be real here for a second Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Kevin Randleman, Maurice Smith, and Vitor Belfort are not "true" heavyweights, they competed by choice (or by force) in the HW division until the true HW's came in. But even if you don't wish to credit them as LHW's, excluding Randy Couture who won and held the UFC LHW belt twice as being out of his weight class is crazy. It's also borderline delusional seeing as how he beat Tito for the title.

Wanderlei Silva had a title run that was almost twice as long as Tito's against arguably better guys. Shogun's 12-1 Pride run was devastating against guys that are still in the top ten today. Quinton became the first unified undisputed champion of the division. Dan Henderson beat champions in four different weight classes. And Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, and Frank Shamrock all UFC LHW champions went 4-0 against Tito. And all save for Frank outlasted him in the sport. To quote another wrestler can you look at Tito and say he was the best their is, the best their was, and best their ever will be?

Forrest Griffin, rose to the top of a combined roster of 205ers from the WFA, Pride and UFC. Forrest didn't go for years without a win once the companies merged. And Forrest, beat Tito...twice. And to give out one last wrestling quote, Forrest Griffin was simply the best in the world at we he did.
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