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Originally Posted by Aiken View Post
I know this is more a general MMA topic - but I'd prefer an audience for my post...

I remember years ago my father telling about a fight that Ali had with a Japanese fighter - apparently Inoki spent most of the time on the floor kicking Ali's legs, and Ali spent the same time standing trying to get Inoki to trade punches. many people say that Ali was never the same figher afterwards due to the damage his legs took.

Is this the first modern example of MMA (at least with a famous fighter), has anyone on this forum seen the entire fight, (You Tube has a a couple of minutes, very grainy) and what's the general opinion?

Again sorry for posting in the UFC forum - and doubly sorry if this topic has been covered before
I am on my phone and can't move this right now but you obviously know its the wrong section and you know you shouldnt do it or you wouldn't apologize for it. Everyone wants more replies but if everyone does it the board would be a jumbled mess because this would be the only place anyone would post as it will "get more views" Please make threads In then proper section.

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