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I have many fighters I am a true fan of. The guys I'm a fan of most earned it in competition to being with but solidified it through character after the fact.

Mauricio Rua

He's a bad ass of course, but he is a humble professional as well form all I've seen of him. Respect and honor as a martial artist. 2004 then into 2005, I became a huge fan of his and found his accomplishments well earned and inspiring.

Wanderlei Silva

He's a bad ass of course, a savage, must see MMA in the last decade and more. Also a true man among friends not fans. His attitude is that of a winner in my book regardless of any outcome in the cage or ring, but I'm glad what he did accomplish allowed that window to be looked through.

Dan Henderson

He's a bad ass of course, always seems to have a lighthearted yet no BS attitude about the crap going on around him. Responsible for some of my favorite memories in MMA including blasting Wanderlei. A dude I'd invite to BBQ and he'd bring his own beer I bet.

I was at UFC 139. It was the best MMA card I have ever seen.

Also fans of Fedor, BJ, Cain, Bas, Chuck, Hunto, Mayday and more.

Cherry popped.
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