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Originally Posted by the bad guy 13 View Post
with this fight happening i see everyone saying mir will get killed out there, theres no way mir can win this but if you look closer frank mir has more ways to win this fight than cornier.

-Frank mir can outsrike him with his longer reach(79) to cormiers(71). Frank mir is the taller, longer athlete.

-Frank mir can throw a big punch to set up a bone crushing sub or dive for a leglock.

-Frank mir will get hurt in an exchange, play possum and bait cormier to gnp and can slap on a brutal sub.

-Frank mir can also, although very unlikely, flat out KO cormier.

thats 4 ways as opposed to cormiers 2 ways this will be a close fight but i see mir taking this.

Have you seen Cormier fight before?

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