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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Online i see people attacking Americans and the people living there all the time. For instance on facebook i am friends with some HUMOR facebook pages that post funny pics. One of the pictures was of a guy getting plastic surgery implants to get 6 pack abs. The VERY FIRST comment on the picture is "For fat lazy slob Americans who cant do it themselves" followed by 150+ likes and 50 something comments mostly insulting the U.S.A. The only people who defended the US were the people who lived there.

Iv seen this scenario a 1000x whether in Video Games, Forums, youtube, facebook, etc etc. Yet not a single person that isnt from the US ever steps up and says anything against it. Like its perfectly acceptable to insult people from the united states.

But when anything is said against any other country then you are harassed by half the internet community and made out to be some racist piece of sht.

I have always been curious why this is.
There a big difference between some random internet dude insulting America and somebody like Anderson Silva or Chael Sonnen doing it. If Silva spoke about the US and Americans in general the way Sonnen spoke about Brazil, it would not be ignored or considered acceptable. Of that I have no doubt.
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