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I'm switching between several at the moment.

I just DL'd New Vegas when the Live sale was happening a few weeks ago. Also had sold back RDR but decided it was good enough to re-download during the same sale. About Mid-way though both. But they are so long for someone like me who has little time yet wants to do everything.

Also in the middle of doing a max cap on my now level 51 Borderlands 2 character and a new start up co-op character. Same problem as before with the time and having to do everything.

For online I'm all about Battlefield 3 though I miss BC2. But haven't been playing to much online lately.

After reading the Game Informer Article about Arkham Origins, I am seriously considering doing a run though on Arkham Asylum and Arkham City again. I think those are two exceptional games.

I also have a Fallout 3 run I could always dive back into but haven't been on it in about 5 months. Fact is I based it off of someone else's build and at level 21 I am essentially game breakingly powerful which kinda takes a little fun out of it.

Walking Dead, not playing it, but it has to be mentioned. Such a powerful payoff of an ending.

On pre-order I have Last of Us and will no doubt pre-order Arkham Origins and Battlefield 4. Also going to pick up Bio-Shock Infinity in a few months when the price goes down.

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Anyone played injustice yet?

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RE: Injustice: Gods Among Us

I'm not playing it. I am not a fan of fighting games like this in general. But I will say this, I was/am very interested and a fan. A friend refereed me to a youtube channel with the story mode play through. I thought is was very well told. In fact, being that I'm not into fighting games, I really wished they had developed it as a stand alone cgi movie. For superhero type stories, I find the medium of 100% cgi or animation to be so much better then live action almost all of the time. There is so much more creative freedom when the barriers of live reality are lifted. But yeah, Injustice was cool I thought.
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