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Okay, I'm back.

So I'm a huge proponent of diet over exercise, especially if you're after a six pack. But you didn't ask about diet, so here's my exercise.

I do mostly kettlebells, I have swing a 55lb and a 70lb, super helpful a "functional strength." Aside from that I do all body weight routines, I did Rushfit for a little while, decent workout, kind of gimmicky though.

If you're after abs I do this every morning, and got results pretty quickly.

I also do a ton of stretching, it will help prevent the meathead look and is just generally good for you.

As far as supplements go, I take probably too many in most peoples eyes, but here's my list.

I take these every morning after breakfast, I also drink at least two glasses of water in the morning, one before breakfast and on with breakfast. I also drink at least one during my workout which varries on before or after breakfast

-Amino Acid complex
-Flax Seed

I also take, GABA and ZMA at night, right before bed. I feel like it helps me recover and I get more restful sleep, which I know is disputed a lot, but I see results.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I can go into diet as well if you'd like, I have a full four week plan/roadmap to starting the diet that I can hand out but it can be super extensive and I don't want to shove it down anyone's throat if they aren't interested.

As far as results I've seen, I've been pretty fit in recent years, but about six odd months ago, I was competing at 186lbs, I'm 6' and was just running up against guys who I was technically better than but they were just monsters compared to me, so I decided to drop the excess weight and in about three months I went from 186lb to 154lb. I didn't change anything but my diet, I was already do the exercises I do now.

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