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Our other instructor, Thomas is back from knee surgery. He killed us with a warm up, then technique was a pass focusing on getting control of the legs first and not getting tangled into any guards.

First hand grabs just below the knee, other hand grabs near the groin. Drive the knee grip to the mat and walk sideways to that side until you clear the leg, then basically lift them back up while you fall onto them. Kind like a torreando pass but using extended arms in place of your shoulders. Drilled from there and then rolled.

First round was a stud of a blue belt that killed me, I delayed for as long as I could but got my back taken and choked and mounted and choked. Damn him.

Next was another blue belt who started the round to initiate a pass, these always light a fire under my ass. Got a triangle, sweep, couldn't get armbar so I rolled back into the triangle and finished. Next time same thing happens but he postures out of the triangle and I switch to an omoplata right at the end of the round.
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