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I was going to wait until tomorrow but hell I have some questions I'll post right away.

Where you particularly feminine as a man? I ask since in your picture, albeit a small one, It's hard to imagine that you where a male.

Since men or women are built different all the way in to the skeleton, doesn't that make it hard for a successful convertion to look 100% female. I mean most men have big hands, feet etc. Compared to women. IRL could one tell such features on you or were you built petite as a man from the start?

You ever miss jerking off the man way, or having sex the old way? wich way do you find is better, physically. Do you fully function as a woman down there now?

have you tried having sex with a dude as a woman?
if yes, did he know lol...sorry had to ask :P
I was going to ask if you're into men or women, but I saw in Ari's post that it's women so that spawned the question above instead.

Pretty interesting stuff, never met or talked to a transsexual IRL or on the net before ...atleast that I know.

Maybe these questions are a bit to personal for an internet forum, but you said you where hard to offend so I just fired away.

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