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Yeah it really is hard to not throw kicks sometimes when your boxing. but its usually leg kicks and as soon as u foot picks up you know your not suppose to be doing it and by the time the kick lands you have already slowed it down enough that it does no damage.

But a HEAD KICK? thats down right some paul harris type retard. I have never accidently thrown a head kick. I dont ever even throw them in sparring secessions except at 50% power and 50% speed. Simply because u put a shin to somebodys head 1 or 2 things is going to happen : A cut or a concussion. It's the same rule has not elbowing and kneeing to the head. Dick move.

What's worse is when a new guy comes in and keeps asking questions and then is like "Oh oh oh i get it yeh yeh" then wants to roll. Kid did this the other day, i was being polite so i rolled with him. I did the usual sitting on my butt with 1 leg on the ground and 1 leg up and hes like "Oh you dont want to start standing?" i was like "man im a wrestler and i got like 40 pounds on you and a ton of experience/skill" and he responds "but im really fast though" anyways i just tell him no, then we start rolling and he does the whole knew guy trying super hard using a bunch of energy, trys to heel hook me and the likes.. neck cranked his ass and told him to calm down.

Basicly #1 rule is leave your ego at home and if you don't you're going to get hurt.

Oh btw, have my first fight scheduled on june 8th, with another THREE (unless i get injured) coming up after that at the end of june and in july. Bout to get the ball rolling.

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