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Rampage did it , and by TKO

I have bee folloeing MMA a long time and Know most fighters I knew QJ could get him, he has the heart, the will and the skills, plus he is a funny MF! There are others too that could have "broke" the ICE, but they wanted to prove to everybody they could stand with Chuck, and played right into his knockout power, Difference with my man "Rampage" is he's got those really nice high elbow blocks for chuck its a defense against such flurry's, its not impenetrable, but very effective against strikers like CL, I like Chuck but he oviously isnt my man, He is an assome fighter, but just not my cup of Tea, now QJ is not my favorite either, but he's one of my top 10, My favorite for a while now has been Gilbert " The Hurricane" Yvel, He is a world wind, Check him out on, and for fights.... he fought in PRIDE, that dude is off the Chain, no punn intended Mr. Jackson, I just love to watch him go when he is in the Zone, I think he is surely one of the BEST, and in my mind....there is none better when he is Zoning, He reminds me of myself ofcourse thats why i like him so much....Flying Knees, Roundhouses, and elbows is what he knows well!
Unfortunately eye missed the last fight between him and CL, but i am short glad i missed it as Chuck won! i would Love for GY to come to the UFC, and cash in just like QJ just did tonite, My other fav fighter is GSP,I dont like MS too much, but GCP will be back 4 sure, I would Love with a capital "L" to see him in a rematch against serra, so he can make matt eat his works...quote " I feel sorry for his next opponent" That would be awesome! I used to like his boy DL the "CROW" but he has been in some slump, and let me down.....another great fighter, Wanderli Silva, I think he is a sick F#%K and not my flavor either, but WOW... would love to see him fight in the UFC too! I know there are many great fighter and you gotta give it to all of them for doin it like they do.....What could be next for the World of fighting? to what level will we take it, will there one day be violence to the level of death, that being the Utlimate loss by an opponentor maybe allowing weapons one day like Gladiator? or maybe it will evolve to Man vs. Beast??? or Animal vs. Animal???.......these are my thoughts

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