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How can anyone confidently say silva would get destroyed by Jones? I know Jones has looked unbeatable, but a man with the body of work as Silva don't you think he is also as skilled?

It's easy to make predictions based on what we have seen, but they will have to fight to see who's better. I don't believe you can say Anderson Silva will lose to Jones easily without looking at it objectively.

All I know Silva's skills set gives him a very good chance of winning, so does jones. The way I see this fight going down, standing up Silva wins easily, ground Jones wins, but then you gotta factor in the external stuff. Does Anderson or Jones want it more? Who has more heart, who is mentally tougher,etc.

It will be a great fight for us fans, but the UFC will be losing a major star after this one and a god like fighter will be created once it's over with. You can play mma math all you want, but this one I simply don't know who will win unless they fight.

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