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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Because your hate for chael is abysmal at best, you call him fail boy but i'd like to see how well you do against the people he has faced.

That's how it is relevant oh and if you listened to jones at the presser he also said t was an early stoppage and chael deserved more time. I hate paul daley but I would never call him a failure just because he lost a fight or 2 to great fighters despite what I think of him.
Yea but I'm not a professional fighter tho...big difference, ofc I wouldn't do well aginst people he's faced, I wouldn't stand a chance against any of the 10 worst fighters in the UFC, that doesn't make them any more successful.

I dislike Paul Daley too, wow we agree on something. Now if only he had a name that ryhmed with fail.......Paul Failey, see there you go, I think I'm gonna start using that from now on.

Why is it somehow OK for Chael and his fans to make fun of everything, but it's not ok to make fun of Chael when he fails? I would say it's almost mandatory to do so.

He's a nerdy, nasal politician with a big mouth and a ball-dysfunction, trying to be a bully. Being made fun of is what he was born for.

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