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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Well to that I would have to bring up numerous examples of how they have their own agendas instead of simply wanting equality, the problem with this though is that that is never their only motive if it was even in the first place.

Any words you say even as a joke or not to do with them at all they come after you which is not what a group like that is formed for and makes people resent them and I wouldn't be surprised if neutral or people who like the people represented by GLAAD now dislike them because of poorly run groups like that.

I think tracy morgan correct if I am wrong was called out and made to apologize for a bit he did on stage at a comedy club by GLAAD which is complete bs especially when they are doing there job in the comedy club and noone even said anything at the show. Adam corolla is another made to apologise for something and when they did they said the apology wasn't good enough, sickening stuff.
It was indeed Tracy Morgan

During the controversial performance, Morgan reportedly claimed that being gay is a choice, that being gay is something that kids learn from the media, that young victims of anti-gay bullying are simply “whining,” and stated that if “his son were gay … he would pull out a knife and stab him"
Gee, I can surely see the comedic value in that direct quote. By that logic, the NAACP is a 'poorly run' organization for getting after Michael Richards to make amends for his racist tirade.

Please don't misunderstand me, I don't dispute that sometimes personal vendettas/agendas dictate the actions of the group. Your example however, is flawed in my books.

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