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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
If a man can;t make a joke and make the whole crowd laugh then where can he? this is hardly hate speech it was a comedic made to make him happy and maybe if it bombed he would have said that bit sucked so I won't do it again but the crowd loved it so there's that too.

And your michael richards NAACP comparison is very wrong seeing how what he said was no bit it was at a heckler which made it real and everyone left right after and his career was over effective immediately after that.

Even if tracy was hateful and he didn't make anyone laugh which again he did (even if it wasn't you) it has nothing to do with equal rights at all so there inquiry is irrelevant and self destructive of their own image at best.
Yes, Michael's tirade was directed at a heckler, however, the comparison I was making here was this line, "if my son was gay, I'd pull out a knife and stab him."

That is hate speech, it is admitting he would commit a hate crime. Anyways, let's not derail this thread anymore as I don't wish to see it closed, feel free to shoot me a PM about this though if you want to keep discussing it.

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