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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Not going to comment on Morgan's remarks that people choose to be gay. I could care less. Have sex with whatever gender you want. I don't care how your preferences developed.

While I agree with your main point that political correctness is useless bullshit most of the time, I find no humor in Morgan saying he would stab his son if he turned out to be gay. That's just ridiculous and horrifying.

I agree that people need to be able to laugh at themselves though. So many racial and social minorities get so offended at the slightest joke. I'm what you might call a mutt. Half white half hispanic/latina/Honduran. My co-workers, and even my own husband and friends jokingly call me a "half-spick" all the time. Even my hispanic friends and family do the same. For my birthday, my brother made me a burrito with half of it grilled. It's all fun to me.

While you defined yourself as male, did you ever have a girlfriend?

Well Ari there is a simple answer for your feelings on tracy's quote, it's just that a quote any joke you read like that loses all timing and context and feeling of being at the show and laughing your balls off, if there is ever a reason to be offended at a comedy show it's because there's a hacky comedian up there bombing and everyone booing. I had no idea that's what mutt meant ari haha.

I think people should just ease up and enjoy life instead of taking every joke so seriously and being offended. If you like the joke ( and not by reading it in an article like cowgirl posted) then you laugh at it and have a good time. If not you say eh that sucked but whatever i'm not gonna bother anyone about this and make a big scene over nothing i'll just ignore this comic and move on with my life.

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