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So what's the overall take on the 4 major changes?

So in the past two years or so (give or take), there's been four major changes:

1. Merging WEC with UFC/adding the classes below those.
2. UFC purchasing Strikeforce.
3. Deal with Fox.
4. Women's fighting in UFC.

What is your overall take on all these developments now that time has passed?

For me....

1. Merging WEC
Not a fan. I've enjoyed some fights with the lighter classes, but now there are so many divisions and I'm biased towards the heavy guys. Seems like the amount of champions doubled.

2. UFC purchasing Strikeforce.
Also not a fan. Bellator isn't serious competition, I think that's quickly been learned. Strikeforce was an extremely distant #2, but still a legitimate alternative.

3. Deal with Fox.
On the fence. I like the actual fights on Fox for exposure, but all the Fox/FX cards have made pay-per-view cards worse. Not many events anymore have that "big event feel". The last one I think was probably Silva/Sonnen 2.

4. Women's fighting in UFC.
I'm a fan. I was extremely anti-women's fighting in the UFC, but now I am a fan. Their fights have been good and are interesting enough that they absolutely belong. I'd still be in favor of not having a women's fight on every card just to have it, and make it so that it's more of a meaningful attraction.

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