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Top 10 UFC/MMA Beatdowns.

Thought I'd update this topic since there's a very old thread dated back in 2007 with a similar subject. There's so many more, but here's the list I thought of brainstorming for about 20 minutes.

Opponent must be finished usually by knockout, doctor or ref stoppage. Usually the vanquished opponent would have to take an absurd amount of damage to qualify.

Here's my list of top 10 beatdowns with a finish.

10.) Goodridge vs Paul Herrera (first time I've seen a crucifix with deadly results.)
9.) Vitor vs Tank Abbott vs Wandy vs everyone early in his career.
8.) Brock vs Mir II (Mir was a mess and it was never close.)
7.) LHW title holder vs Shogun for the title (He made one of the toughest fighters tap out. That warrants a nod even though he's still a sob...haha.)
6.) GSP vs Serra/Penn (Grudge matches, one of the last time he was able to finish.)
5.) Fedor vs everyone basically (Reminds me of a wild Bear thrashing its prey around.)
4.) Chuck vs Tito (Classic.)
3.) Wandy vs Rampage I and II (Probably one of the best trilogies.)
2.) Crocop vs Wandy (WAR plain and simple.)
1.) Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin (This was an absolute flawless performance getting hit only once. Anderson landed 13-26 shots and Griffin 1-26. Afterwards Griffin actually WAIVED off Anderson as in "no mas." I don't think I've seen that before.)

Honourable mentions:
Would mention Shogun vs Hendo, but nobody got finished amazingly enough.
Cain vs Brock
Overeem vs Brock

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