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Originally Posted by Jesy Blue View Post
... because not talking about homophobia will stop it from existing.

just like they didn't talk about slavery, or child labor, or women voting, or segregation... and all those problems just went away on their own because we didn't deal with them, right?

because no one is trying to make marrying gay people illegal, there's no legal battles in progress right now fighting for marriage equality, and no one in the world thinks being gay is such a sin that they execute homosexual people. so some good global PR is not necessary because no one should be talking about it.... this whole thread is even ruining our "Head in the Sand" Agenda, so we should lock it and everyone should stop discussing it right now!

king to you, good sir!
Like I said before, this isnt the 70's. The vast majority of civilised people have come to terms with homosexuality. 20 years ago, I remember having a conversation with parents who we're horrified at the thought of having children who might be gay. It's such a rare thing for me to hear now.

I stand by what I said. Sexuality should be irrelevant, especially when we are talking about sports people. Times have changed as far as homosexual acceptance goes. The idiots are in a minority and will generally get hounded by the masses if they try and spout anything homophopic in public.

If you are a gay sportsman, then just do what you want and dont explain yourself. Be openly gay. Go to gay bars. Whatever. Thats how you "come out", not by calling a fecking press conference or via some other media outlet... and theres certainly no need for sports fans to even discuss it. We are talking about sport not sex. Quite frankly, you comparing the need to discuss the sexuality of a gay sportsman living in the civilised west, to the horrors of slavery and child abuse is a load of total rubbish.

Dont be a smartass. Lets have a debate about it without trying to belittle each other.
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