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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Not meaning to dismiss the rest of your post. You have a valid perspective. It's not my perspective, but its valid none the less.

But the quote above says it all. I grew up in some seriously grimy part of London. Rough. If you we're gay you would have got your head kicked in if anybody found out. "Gay bashing" was a common passtime for caveman hooligans.

Now, as you say, its in hushed tones and insular groups. In other words, they have no more power. They wont find you and beat half to death. The worse that happens is some irrelevant wanker says some nasty words. Thats it. I really dont consider the current climate that hostile for a gay person, especially in the citys.
aha!!! that's where we differ. see, that moon location thing messed me up... everyone knows there is so much gay bashing in the lunar colonies, it seemed odd you didn't see it.
anyway, yeah, the whole middle chunk of the US is christian right wing fundamentalists in power and this homophobia is rampant there; while they are less people than the more tolerant coasts, there's still A LOT OF PEOPLE and the norm there is hate... or at least turning a blind eye and silently accepting. (one day i'll tell you about the Klean Klothes Kleaners in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee; not it's not misspelled)

i'm glad the UK has gotten itself straight... i've seen documentaries about the 60's gay rights in London... ye gads! it's not that bad here anymore, mostly, but you get the occasional spark.

i'll let you be now... but i'll know whenever there is social injustice, you'll be there. whenever there is intolerance, you'll be there. whenever someone is wrong on the internet.... gosh darn it.... you'll be there! because you're not the user we want; but you're the user MMA Forum deserves!

i'll f'n shut up now......


Carley Simon, thanks for writing that song about me!
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