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yes. stand in your stance and just throw your hips as if you were trying to throw a kick but only use your hips, your right (if you are orthodox) foot will rotate in a pivoting motion and your foot just basically rotates upwards til you are on your toes (almost the same motion as when you throw a right cross just with more emphasis on hip rotation). When kicking with the right leg, have all your weight on your left leg. i'll see if i can get a video of me doing it for you today

until it comes to intricate clinch techniques, muay thai is mainly repetition. buy a heavy bag and throw 100 teeps (front push kick) each leg interchanging, so 1 right, one left, one right etc until you've thrown 200. then hold your bag as if you were clinching it and throw 100 switching knees as fast as you can, while keeping your form and making sure your switch is tight, then you can rest for 2 minutes followed by throwing 100 right kicks on the bag, then 100 left kicks, you can either make that 100 switch kicks or 100 front leg round kicks, or 50 of each, but do them. Do that for a little while and your techniques will be crisp and hard with good technique.

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