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Originally Posted by Jesy Blue View Post
aha!!! that's where we differ. see, that moon location thing messed me up... everyone knows there is so much gay bashing in the lunar colonies, it seemed odd you didn't see it.
anyway, yeah, the whole middle chunk of the US is christian right wing fundamentalists in power and this homophobia is rampant there; while they are less people than the more tolerant coasts, there's still A LOT OF PEOPLE and the norm there is hate... or at least turning a blind eye and silently accepting. (one day i'll tell you about the Klean Klothes Kleaners in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee; not it's not misspelled)

i'm glad the UK has gotten itself straight... i've seen documentaries about the 60's gay rights in London... ye gads! it's not that bad here anymore, mostly, but you get the occasional spark.

i'll let you be now... but i'll know whenever there is social injustice, you'll be there. whenever there is intolerance, you'll be there. whenever someone is wrong on the internet.... gosh darn it.... you'll be there! because you're not the user we want; but you're the user MMA Forum deserves!

i'll f'n shut up now......
Yes. There are huge swathes of America full of backwards idiots. But in context, that's not where this particular basketball player lives. If you live in the deep south where there is a heavy anti-gay movement, then it takes some stones for a gay person to come out. But this player plays for Washington, right? So, I ask, how does a Washington basketball player coming out on TV "inspire" a sportman who lives in the deep south to do the same thing? ( whats sports do they play in the south anyway? I bet its not basketball ) In my opinion, it doesn't do shit. That's why I feel this whole thing was an exercise in attention seeking.

If you live in Washington, just be gay for gods sake. All the hard work has been done. It's been accepted. Mission accomplished. Go out there and be openly gay. That's how to go about it. You are not going to get any negative shit happen to you. If anything, people will pat you on the back and tell you how brave you are.

Disclaimer: Im making massive assumptions about Washington being a forward thinking, civil pace to live. I could be completely wrong of course. I'm open to some education from my US brethren.

Having said all the above, in the UK, the average football fan is a backwards caveman. Every Saturday, all the nastiest, most bigoted people in the country all gather at football matches. If a player came out as gay, he would get some god awful stick. But words is all it is. The anti-gay mob dont have a fraction of the power they did. In this climate, the best way to come out is to come out by being openly gay. Not by holding a conference. A conference, in my opinion, makes things worse.
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