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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Disclaimer: Im making massive assumptions about Washington being a forward thinking, civil pace to live. I could be completely wrong of course. I'm open to some education from my US brethren.

Washington, DC is an odd city. it's halfway up the coast, so it's a little southern and a little northern. it's mostly urban with an incredibly large poor black community and major drug problems (though has toned down in the past decade to just a big drug problem)

it's where the federal government is based out of, so forward thinking may not be the best word (the opposite of Progress is Congress after all).

the other thing is the most common dream for poor black men is to play basketball and work to be able to play in the NBA to escape this life of poverty you grew up in... and most poor black communities are in those huge swaths of the american south we're talking about.

so for this basketball player, someone who is living that ideal dream you have for yourself to get out of the ghetto, which hates gays, comes out and says you can have the dream AND be who you are, that's actually a big deal around here.


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