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Originally Posted by Jesy Blue View Post
so for this basketball player, someone who is living that ideal dream you have for yourself to get out of the ghetto, which hates gays, comes out and says you can have the dream AND be who you are, that's actually a big deal around here.
I understand that. But I still dont understand the point of this interview/press release/whatever it was. This basketball player doesn't live in the Ghetto any more. I've no doubt he lives in a civilized sensible non-racist non-homophobic area. Just go out with your boyfriend publicly. Do whatever you want to do. You are *free* to do that. The media will still pick up on it. The story will still be reported. Everybody will know you are gay because thats who you are and thats how you live... But to set up a soapbox and stand there proclaiming "I'm gay!" like some Mary Poppins mother****er? Naaa... attention seeking.

And if anybody believes that some rich ex-ghetto player coming out in an interview is gonna somehow help gay people in the ghetto? Tripping is that idea. Having no money is the ghettos problem. No jobs. No education. No prospects. Those are the ghettos problems. You sort those out and your homophobia issues disappear. Some bloke on TV proclaiming his gayness does feck all to help anybody.
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