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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I understand that. But I still dont understand the point of this interview/press release/whatever it was. This basketball player doesn't live in the Ghetto any more. I've no doubt he lives in a civilized sensible non-racist non-homophobic area. Just go out with your boyfriend publicly. Do whatever you want to do. You are *free* to do that. The media will still pick up on it. The story will still be reported. Everybody will know you are gay because thats who you are and thats how you live... But to set up a soapbox and stand there proclaiming "I'm gay!" like some Mary Poppins mother****er? Naaa... attention seeking.

And if anybody believes that some rich ex-ghetto player coming out in an interview is gonna somehow help gay people in the ghetto? Tripping is that idea. Having no money is the ghettos problem. No jobs. No education. No prospects. Those are the ghettos problems. You sort those out and your homophobia issues disappear. Some bloke on TV proclaiming his gayness does feck all to help anybody.

wait, mary poppins is gay? i must have missed a press conference.

so fixing the entire social structure of a country CAN resolve most of the ghetto problems, on that you are absolutely correct. but homophobia is also tied to religious leanings, which will not be corrected as long as the people in religious control elect like minded religious leaders into government positions and run on anti-gay political standings making anti-gay laws to make their religious views legal views.

i know the percentage of UK christian religious followers is somewhere in the 40%-50% range of the whole population, so the idea that christian agenda in politics may be an odd concept in the modern British society (but as history tells us, we know it did happen there long ago as well).

in the states it's 75+% religious believers, and these people are voting with their cross; we have 5 congressmen on the federal committee on science who believe in creationism and don't believe in global warming and they're making laws about gay rights!

as my cousin from Sussex once told me "Anytime you get fed up with your 'freedom' just remember, this is what you wanted."

you and me ain't gonna work out the Socratic society and make the world a better place on this board across the atlantic, but we definitely both see the problems. i think you see the problem as easily fixable, but i see them as only baby steps along a long road.


Carley Simon, thanks for writing that song about me!
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