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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Right after his Brock fight he had tremendous momentum. So I did feel he could give JDS a run for his money. Now not so much. You could see his confidence is shattered, almost like how he was back in Pride days when he got KOed by Shogun and Chuck. He'll be back though.

Hunt would be the funnest fight of the three. Overeem should take Nelson out or at least to a decision. Nelson won't be able to take em down. But he does have that fast pitch right.

Wonder when Overeem is fighting again...

Training with Badr is always good.
I doubt he would KO Nelson. Say what you want about Roy's technical abilities...but he finds that KO shot just like Hendo does. I would pick Nelson all day vs. the chinny Overeem. In 3 rounds I would have to believe Roy finds Overeem's chin.

Same with Hunt, but Reem can actually take him down and sub/control him. Where as it would be harder for him to do that vs. Roy. But standing, Hunt out lasts Overeem all day.

JDS/Overeem I see JDS using movement and speed to win.

I would pick against Overeem in each fight and feel confident. If he wanted to play the grapple game with Hunt he probably could though. Sort of sad when Overeem just a year ago was touted as the best HW striker.
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