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Originally Posted by evilappendix View Post
What's that have to do with the subject at hand? I believe this thread pertains to Mr. Sonnen attempting to stand on Wand's shoulders to reach some of that limelight by calling him out. Sorry my misspelling of your hero's name hurt your feelings. I mean, the C and F are rather close to one another after all..

Also, Wand has never been submitted, tapped or "accidentally" tapped. He also has more finishes, more fights, and more fans. JS
And Chael has never been as brutally Knocked out as Wanderlei has.

Didnt wanderlei get knocked out cold 4x in his last 7 losses?? And all those knockouts were straight BRUTAL.

I dont know what limelight you are speaking off since Wanderlei has alot more to gain from beating Chael then Chael does from beating Wanderlei. And Wandy has called Chael out on more then 1 occasion. Now the fight makes sense and its GO TIME!.

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