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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
It isnt like Chael will be claiming Wanderleis legacy if he beats him. All he will be getting is a win over a over the hill fighter. If Wanderlei beats Chael he will be getting his name back out in the contenders column. If he gets by Chael he could be looking at a number 1 contender fight ("Maybe"). After Chael he can justify a fight versus Vitor Belfort and if he wins that he could face Anderson. I know Dana White would love a fight between Wandy and Anderson just for the sheer fact of the type of Highlight real that will provide Anderson.

So if Wandy gets this fight it could be his last chance to once again be a contender.

Chael on the other hand gains nothing from it.

Im not hating on Wanderlei im just pointing out the truth. I know your the type of guy who is a bit hesitant to the truth when your feelings are in the way.

Hell thinking about it if he gets by Chael he could also justify a REmatch with Bisping (Even though he beat Bisping Bisping is currently ranked higher then Wandy. So Bisping would be the best path to the title.) Both Vitor and Bisping are wins that put Wandy very close to that title shot. That is if we dont get Jon Jones vs Anderson or Weidman defeats Anderson in the near future.
I agree with most of this, but one thing Chael does stand to gain from this is a nice paycheck.

You've got to hand it to the man, only Chael can turn a fight that has no real bearing on the title picture(win or lose, there's no realistic way Wandy gets another shot at the title) into a main event that will probably draw more buyers than title fights at the lower weight classes.
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