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Going through a bit of a strange time here.

So believe it or not I actually do other things besides hate on Anderson.

Anyway, as I have come to notice on my two plus years on MMAF, we've all had our different life experiences but I appear to be growing through a wee bit of a moral crisis here and I figured I'd bring my dilemma to my brehs at MMAF, and yes that includes the Silva fans who I troll 24/7.

You may remember about a year ago I posted a thread asking for advice with my ex-girlfriend, incase you don't remember here's basically the gist of it. Met her junior year, we talked all year, and I asked her, we were pretty much on and off for my whole senior year but I developed strong feelings for the girl and legit fell in love with her, not that 'Oh baby you're the best, I love you <3' after one month of dating bullshit, more like 'I wanna marry this broad' type of deal. However she went to college and we kinda drifted but I later realized that she was playing me out but at the time I was blinded by love and she wanted me to take her back.

That relationship really changed my outlook on things, mainly relationships, trust, and girls. I was pretty bummed out by it so for about two years I didn't date or anything like that but around September I figuered might aswell try it so I started talking to this Mexican chick. The Mexican chick says that she loves God and she's real sweet and everything but after talking to her I found out she loves sex and she's kind of a whore, like...cheated on her boyfriend type of a whore. As you can imagine that didn't really lift my spirits up about dating, I looked at as more of a "Who can you really trust type of a deal" anyway the girl constantly goes on and on about how she wants to be his wife and how she loves him so I start thinking '**** dating'.

Anyway, I keep it casual, still talk to the chick, get pictures of her but I don't really have any desire to date her and I kinda wanted to date her. Now, I've started a new job about a month ago and this chick I work with is a lot like the Mexican chick, she's all about God, really nice, really cool but during the first two weeks or so random guys were coming up to her and asking her to give them head and stuff like that, she says she doesn't like creeps and everything like that, so once again, me wanting an actual relationship instead of just sex goes 'Oh, maybe I'd like to date this chick' so I get her number and start texting and then on Saturday she goes 'so honestly u'd **** me?' and I tell her yeah and she starts telling me how she loves sex, she's really good at giving head and all of a sudden I don't really have any desire to date her.

I don't know what it is, I'm going to bang the chick at work because I think she's pretty hot but like I said, any hopes of a relationship just seem to die because I think she's a whore now. Am I just maturing and growing up? Is it 'wrong' to want a real relationship? I really need some advice here because it seems like everytime I find a really good chick she turns out to be some kind of whore and that's not what I'm looking for.

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