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Originally Posted by OU View Post
What's ridiculous is the respect Chael gets as a fighter. Especially as a LHW. I think Chael is the worst guy Bones has fought since he fought Janitor. But even that matchup was more competitive to me since Jones wasn't at the level he is now back then. There is a reason Jones was a 10 to 1 favorite since this was the biggest mismatch of his career.
don't hate the player, should Chael have said , "no, I don't want a title shot, I don't deserve it" ? Dude got paid and he walked away healthy, if I could go in the cage and walk away with a black eye and a few hundred thousand dollars that's something I'd take it right now. Everyone's hating on Chael for getting as far as he did, I think fighters should take a page from him and learn that having a little personality furthers your career astronomically. As a quiet reseved guy Chael would be a nobody. We all know exactly how good a fighter he is, we all knew he was a massive underdog against Jones. I for one respect anyone who finds the way to maximize their potential at any given venture and Chael definitely did that. The fact that he even got a sniff of the title belt against Silva with his limited abilities is impressive enough. I think it's more respect for how far he made it than respect for how good he really is, imagine if he had the natural abilities of a guy like BJ Penn.
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