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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
I'm not objecting but unfortunately a lot of fanboys of the the original Devil May Cry would disagree with you. They hate the new Dante and Vergil. Considering the sells for DMC were lower then expected I doubt were going to see a sequel.

As far as Capcom goes their DLC practices were always wretched. It to the point were their pissing their customers off. Take Marvel vs Capcom 3 for example. Instead of paying for individual fighters (like with Mortal Kombat) they bundle all these fighters up into one DLC and now we have to pay $60.00. Hell, I don't even want most of these fighters but to get the select few that I do want I have to let Capcom **** my wallet. This makes me weary buying any fighting game from them. You know in a few months they are going to come out with a Super Street Fighter vs. Tekken and people who bought the original will have to pay up the ass to get additional fighters.

Yeah i still have a sour taste in my mouth from the fact that i bought the original MvsC3 and then a cheaper BETTER Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out that made my original obsolete. And people who never bought the original never even had to because the ultimate worked with it or without it. I felt completely ripped off.... and im a huge fan of the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
After finishing Dishonored (i'll play the DLC later I just want to try something new for now) I thought I would play Devil May Cry (HD Collection). So far I am having a hard time getting in to it. I played DMC (the reboot) and I had a lot of fun with it. I figured since I liked DMC I'd give the HD collection a try. So far the story in the first game is pretty non existent. Some hot chick drives her motorcycle through Dante's wall, tries to beat the shit out of him, and then hires him to stop some demon. Now I'm stuck wondering a dilapidated castle trying to figure out how to open doors. Does anyone know if this game picks up after awhile?

I actually love the first DMC. I thought it was such a epic game when it first came out. Im not sure if its even going to pick up for you since i thought the game was exciting from the first moment. That said Devil May Cry 3 is my favorite. 4 was pretty awesome also but there was almost too many moves that many of them you never even used.

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