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Originally Posted by Withers View Post
thanks a lot man. you are right my guard in those videos was basically non-existent. is there anything im doing blatantly wrong in these videos with my kicks? am i hitting with the right part of my shin? my coach always keeps stressing me to "stay tall" when im kicking and to not be ashamed of my height. he also explains that the kick is like a baseball bat. was i high enough on my toes when throwing the kicks? thanks a lot man im having tons of fun and now my shins don't hurt when i hit the bag haha
you are high enough on your toes, you need to focus on keeping your right hand up while throwing the kick and even use more of a swinging motion with your left arm. like really thrust it down, it helps a lot with the turning of your hips. when you land the kick you want your leg to be straight, that's why you can't throw high kicks because you don't have the flexibility or form yet, aim low, and make sure your leg is straight when you land the kick (hence, the baseball bat analogy)

when throwing more than one kick from the same side, keep all of your weight on your front leg, your rear foot should be almost on your toes (to emphasise that there's no weight on your back leg), then throw the kick and instead of returning to your stance after landing the kick, let your rear leg sit maybe 4-5cms further back than normal and then throw the kick, you'll notice you don't have to reset and it's much faster.

you should practise your right teep more aswell, it's good to throw the teep than as your right leg hits the ground you throw the left kick.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Kru Bresko ftw! Now teach em some combos. Lets start with my favorite.

1,2 then superman, chain into spinning back fist, and finish with left high kick. I also add in a left side kick.

Everyone will be!

or 4, 3, 4, 3(body shot combos) right low kick.
i'm not a huge fan of the superman punch and spinning back fist is illegal in Muay Thai, you can only hit someone with the knuckle area of your glove.

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