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Technique was a sweep from de la riva. Wish me luck explaining this...from de la riva, the guy pushes your foot on his hip down to step over. You take the pushed foot and put it under your de la riva hook to support it like an X guard. Your far hard away from the X grabs the lapel and pulls them down to draw their weight forwards then you punch with that grip while extending your X out. Use the space to swim under their free leg and get under them with your hand wrapped around the knee. Extend your knee to take the de la riva hook out to put your foot on top of their knee, then slide your other knee back so that its like your feet are monkey gripping the knee, extend again with your legs, post on an elbow and then come up with their other leg on your shoulder, then do a technical standup. Actually suprised myself and made this work.

Drilled from de la riva a bunch, then rolled. Got controlled by a blue, and then rolled our instructor Thomas and got controlled and submitted 3 or 4 times.

Good class but I feel a major sprain in a finger
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