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Thanks a lot, I appreciate you writing all that for me...

now I may not be the biggest guy, but I fear nobody and consider myself very tough and strong for my age. its not all about size for me don’t get that impression at all, its just I feel I need to gain a little bit more weight to be a bit bigger as im not really happy with my apparel (body wise). Girls in my year may think it’s a nice look, but I want to be that bit bigger just to feel comfortable in my own state of mind and increase my strength...

I have a few questions though, sorry if there unbelievably stupid

• Are there some snacks you could recommend?

• The tuna and pasta…Is the pasta better with tomato sauce, cheese, or just plain and tuna???

• Are certain types of fish better then others? What are some good ones? Are any bad for you (probably not, just making sure lol)??

• When im about to do a workout what should I eat prior to it and what should I eat after (carbs, proteins etc)

• Are protein shakes really all that? Could they count as one of the six meals you mentioned?

Sorry for sooo many questions just preparing myself

Any other input would be greatly appreciated, thank you all
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