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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
10 pounds max ehh??? Didnt realize you were so good at predicting peoples weight from pictures. Especially when 1 guy looks way more then 10 pounds heavier

Sounds to me like you WANT there to be a max 10 pound difference between the two. Hell Chael Sonnen who said he walks around 230 (Dont quote me on that) said that he believes that Jones weighs alot more then him. And he spent time with him in person so i think his word carries a bit more weight then your ability to judge peoples weight from pictures. Now i dont know what the difference in weight Anderson and Jones have and i wont pretend to know. But im willing to bet its more then 10 pounds.

The only thin part on Jon Jones is his legs. His upper body is quiet big. Then you add his lengthy frame and you get a heavy guy.
You know that Chael is a compulsive liar right?

Bones said a while back that he changed his diet to make the cut easier and was cutting from around 220-225 I believe. Who knows how much he weighs now but I would guess it is probably around that and not over 230.

It is good to see that people are actually accepting reality now on Andy's fighting weight and not that 230 nonsense that is thrown around which he only weighs when he is out injured eating nothing but pudding and big macs. I have been saying for a couple years now here that he weighs between 195-205 when he fights at MW and people just disregarded it and kept acting like he was some massive MW. Okami and Chael are heavy MWs Andy is about average.
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