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Strangest MMA/K-1 Fight Outcomes...

Woke up this morning for some inexplicable reason and started thinking about the oddest matchups and strange outcomes. Here's my list.

10.)LHW title holder losing a DQ vs Matt Hamill
9.) Mirco Crocop vs Overeem (NC due to gonad shots. One of the few high profile fights that ended in this fashion.)
8.) Anthony Johnson vs Ryan Burns I. Burns win by eye poke, but gets KOed viciously in the rematch.
7.) Jose Canseco vs Hong Man Choi (I laughed pretty hard when I heard about this and laughed even harder when they fought.)
6.) MMA fighter vs dude with no limbs.
5.) Genki Sudo vs Butterbean (Crazy Japanese always make weird matchups for entertainment value.)
4.) Mir vs Big Nog II. Nog had it in the bag then went through a mental lapse when he heard Herb Dean say not to hit em in the back of the head. He then switched to a guillotine and got reversed in what would become one of the sickest reversal submission wins.
3.)Carlos Newton vs Matt Hughes (That should have been the first ever double KO. Carlos locks in a tight triangle hold, Matt passes out and inadvertantly slams Newton which knocks him out. This fight changed the whole career trajectory of both fighters. Hughes went on to become one the biggest UFC WW stars and Newton would fall off eventually running into the likes of rising star Anderson Silva.)
2.) Brock's entire MMA career. When has there ever been a rookie with ZERO experience ever become a champion in any pro sport. I'm very certain had Steve Mazzagatti not stood Brock up in his first fight he would have TKOed Mir. This isn't so much about one particular fight, but more of his physical attributes which leads to my personal #1 pick below.
1.) Ernesto Hoost losing to Bob Sapp of all people...TWICE! Truly unreal. Ernesto was a 4x K-1 champion. This is one of the few times where pure brute strength and unrefined technique overcame skills. See above.

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