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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post

Get my point yet? Silva is no more outgunned then any of these fighters, the one difference is that he is in another league skill wise. Machida and Belfort gave Jones issues, Rampage and Rashad were able to survive into later rounds. Silva would give Jones the fight of his life, that is if he doesn't beat him quickly...

And for those saying Jones looks thicker, that his arms and legs although skinny weigh more then most other fighters. Somewhere you are incorrect otherwise there is no way he would make 205 yet he does fairly easily and walks around at only 225. Jones has a large extremely lanky frame, it gives him some advantages but it doesn't make him a HW size fighter. He is no different then guys like Corey Hill, Pablo Garza etc build wise. He is successful because he has great wrestling and ground and pound and well rounded enough in other aspects.
Machida is the only person you listed that is around Silva's weight.

Jones isn't that slim outside of his legs. Your comparisons are poor; those guys are cutting down below their natural weight classes and losing muscle they would normally have. Bones has a very natural build for his size. He could bulk up and go to heavyweight but that really isn't how his body is supposed to be he would either have to use steroids or get on a very aggressive weight training program and diet to put that on and keep it on.

I want the fight to happen and I think everyone acknowledges that Andy is the biggest threat to Bones outside of the best HWs. That doesn't change the circumstances around the fight and that Silva shouldn't be favored even though he is the most threatening person Bones will have fought.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post

As per your cheap GSP jab, at least Georges has never crumbled in the face of injury. Poor Andy hurts his ribs and almost loses a title fight. GSP tears his groin/fights with a flu and injured achilles and still dominates.

I guess we know who the true warrior is
He crumbled to the fist of a dwarf.
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