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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I close beta tested that also and i thought it was okay but nothing special. Its like a bad superhero version of Diablo 3. The cool aspect is that you can play buncha heros (Unlocking them or buying them) and they have different costumes you can buy. Then in game you can switch on command to which hero you want but the level switches with them ofcourse. Somewhat clunky movement and no real customization is the games downfall imho.

From what i remember about Neverwinter was that i played a mage and the enemie would die but my guy would still be casting spells. It really annoyed me.

Right now DragonsProphet really is the best game iv played in a while.
Yeah I was in the closed beta as well. I'll play through the game once as Cable and decide what I am going to do after that once I experience what the end game is like. It will probably take me a while since I don't get addicted to games like that.

I'm playing a thief and don't have any issues with bugs. Maybe some of the classes still need work I think some aren't even in they are still calling it a beta after all.
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